VELDSKOEN has been an iconic shoe of South Africa for centuries, known for its exceptional comfort and durability.

Each pair is handmade in South Africa from hand cut and sewn African rawhide leather giving each shoe a unique appearance. The craftmanship follows the precise design standards evolved through centuries of South African shoe making traditions


Improve the lives around us by ethically hand-crafting shoes that are made to last thereby reducing our environmental impact. Never stop improving.


Our history is as rich and diverse as the country our products come from.
Veldskoen were first documented by the first settlers in Africa over 400 years ago.

According to Khoisan folk lore, they were made and worn by the people as far back as a 1000 years before that. Originally constructed as the
perfect shoe for the hot, harsh African desert: lightweight and extremely tough – we just added the style and versatility for wet weather too.


Each shoe is individually cut, sewn and crafted from THE VERY FINEST AFRICAN RAWHIDE LEATHER IN SOUTH AFRICA by master leather craftsmen and women. 

Each shoe has its own unique story to tell.



We believe in building products that last so our shoes are handcrafted in South Africa with locally sourced, premium leather and suede.

We feel it’s our responsibility to craft shoes that are not only ethically and responsibly made but feel endlessly comfortable and provide you with effortless daily style.

To achieve this we employ some of the finest shoemakers in South Africa with a compulsive eye for detail, a conscious mind and an innovative approach to transparency, as well as a desire to never stop improving and evolving.

This means care and attention is given to every shoe. The result is an exceptionally durable, unique one-of-a-kind shoe.


To us, conscious sustainability is about making beautiful products that last. And constantly looking at every aspect of a process and evaluating how we can do it better to improve the impact on the environment and the people around us.


Since the inception of the little internet shoe shop in 2016, Veldskoen has expanded into a global brand! We now have distribution partners on every continent… We also have some pretty fancy investors and supporters…

The proudly South African shoe already has the globe talking (and walking). Famous fans include Prince Harry, Thandi Newton, Ashton Kutcher who along with Shark Tank’s Mark Cuban, was so taken with the brand that he quickly invested in it’s US expansion.


We care deeply and are fully committed to improving the lives of our craftsmen, craftswomen and their families.

We do this by ensuring they earn fair wages and are treated in a safe and dignified manner. 

We are constantly improving and evolving our practices so that we can do better for the people and for the planet.

We want you to feel good about the products you wear and how you have contributed to improve the lives of those that made them.