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Veldskoen ("Felt-skoon") have a history as rich and diverse as the country they come from.

Veldskoen has a rich history in South Africa. Developed initially by the Khoisan people who roamed the southern parts of South Africa, today it is worn by local farmers and urban jungle stylists alike, as their go-to shoe for durability. It is a symbol of South African fashion and culture.
The Veldskoen company now brings a creative twist to the traditional shoe with brightly coloured soles and matching laces.
Veldskoen make for the ‘perfect shoe’ construction in a hot and harsh African desert. Easy to wear, ‘lightweight and extremely tough’. 

We just added the style.


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We improve the lives around us by ethically hand-crafting shoes that are made to last thereby reducing our environmental impact. We never stop improving.

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We believe in building products that last…. period. That’s why our shoes are handcrafted in South Africa with locally sourced, premium materials. 
We feel it’s our responsibility to craft shoes that are not only ethically and responsibly made, but feel crazy comfy and provide you with effortless daily style. 
We want you to feel good about the products you wear and improve the lives of those that made them.

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